Soft sun lights very suny days

Antalya, the city of cinema is suitable for filmmaking all year round. The sunny day provides great advantages in production programs. It has similar light structures to hollywood. There are also real places where you can shoot winter and summer scenes in the same period.

Very Close and Very fast to you. 
Turkey is a friendly country for transportation because of its location. You can use the elite airline companies of our country or you can prefer alternative transportation methods. You can also benefit from visa facilities for film teams.

Fılm Production 30% Cheaper Here

Turkey’s culture and tourism ministry supports covered during the filming of cinema in our country to foreign film producers to spend 30% of the money that could undo.

During these supports, we provide free consultancy between the ministry and the production company. You can reduce your construction cost by implementing your project in our country.

Time is cash Alternative concepts in narrow space…

The region saves time with a wide range of alternative concepts. There is a favorable filmmaking atmosphere thanks to fast and easy transportation in urban and long-distance areas.

You can visit the digital location library
to see the unique places of our region.

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