[EN] What do we do?

What do we do?
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Antalya Film Team (AFE), was founded in 2015 by Doğacan Aktaş in Antalya. Within the company, national and international cinema - television movies, internet projects, music videos, animation and documentary movies, special advertising and promotional movies for companies are realizing. In this context it provides fast and high-quality service under the leadership of seven unit chiefs:Reji, Production, Art, Camera and Lighting, Kurgu, Scriptwriting, Sound ve Cast'' with its wide staff.

Shooting permits for national and international film projects, translation services, crew, production services, transportation, accommodation, actor, location manager, stage-art and production design, sound-light and camera rentals, script writing and project design, post-production: editing, coloring, subtitling, dubbing, voice over and mixing services are provided.

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Film Idea

The idea that we put forward is the first step in production. The scenario of the project that is undergoing the research process has been formed.


Pre Production

The most suitable team and equipment are selected for the project. All production details are planned, preparation is completed with the actors, and work related to the sites is completed.



The time has come, the implementation of the film, the preliminary preparation of which was completed. Details in the script are drawn to include various options, and the process is complete.



During production, all options are discussed and selected and adapted to the platform on which the film will be broadcast. The film is sent to the media for publication.