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It is an applied film production workshop in which the Antalya Film Team conducts the films of the film lovers with professional guidance. Within the scope of this workshop, the participants go through all the processes of a film production. The participants produce the agreed projects under the production of Antalya Film Team. The films, which are put forward immediately, are developed for distribution strategies and presented to various film festivals.
No. All equipment is provided by the Antalya Film Team.
The motivation to produce a film is very important. The workshops are aimed at improving this motivation. Theoretical studies and filming with the help of our experienced team members will shed light on all the processes of film production of the participants. With the films produced here, participants can take part in important cinema platforms. Please click here for the list of projects that have been completed in our atelier in the past. Link Taking part in workshops where production is carried out with professional film equipment and professional guidance provides important experiences to the participants. After the workshop, participants can be invited to take part in the professional projects of Antalya Film Team and their experiences are carried to a professional dimension. Another important contribution of the workshop is the ability of the participants to develop the necessary network for their individual projects. Our work sites host the professionals of our region and the participants are given the opportunity to communicate with important people in this network.
The workshop consists of 12-12 two-week sessions. After completing the first part, participants can proceed to the second part. The first part includes the stage where the theory required for film production is studied and the second part includes the production stage of the film. Studies are carried out at the weekend.
Anyone with professional or amateur interest can join our workshop. Our quota is limited to 24 people.
Workshop attendance fees are calculated by dividing the cost of film projects of the quota determined by the number of quota. Please call for details.
Our workshop is not a training or course. The study includes applications involving filmmaking processes with the participants. However, this process contains a lot of knowledge and experience of academic value in the preparation of a film. It is a service procurement process in which participants produce their films with professional film equipment and professional orientation.

At the end of the workshop, some of the participants are invited to the Antalya Film Team to take part in professional films. The names considered to be successful in the seven units of the team are evaluated on a project basis in these units. Even if you do not receive an invitation within the workshop, an organic bond with the Antalya Film Team develops for three years. Within the framework of the legal rights of the distributed films, the communication network continues. # antalyasinemaşehriol will be able to see our entire journey from our slogan, you can make an appointment by coming to our office and visit the Antalya Film Team.