CastAfedemi was founded in 2019 by the General Coordinator Ali Murat Karademir and Cast Director Batuhan Baharoğlu. Based in Antalya, our agency evaluates the players in the national arena. Our agency has come together with the aim of discovering the actors who will take part in Antalya Film Team projects and creating new adventures for our actors in national and international projects.

Our mission as a team is to discover the players in our region and to reveal their potential. In this context, CastAfedemy organizes in-camera acting workshops. Our workshop offers prospective actors the opportunity to know, discover and develop themselves. Beginning with basic acting knowledge, our workshops are crowned with a short film to be prepared at the end of the workshop. Our actors take part in these films as actors and begin their acting careers with a plus point. After the workshop, our players take their place in our agency to take part in the professional world.

As CastAfedemy, it is our priority to train talented and competent players who have mastered the set ethics. We are waiting for you on our journey with our new players who keep their excitement and our professional players who never lost their excitement.